Wladimir Pantschev 1995

Stylistically I have already worked with atonal and serial methods of composition in Bulgaria. Later on I worked with Witold Lutoslawski’s aleatoric techniques before I started on the current style which is based
on modal principles. At the moment, I work with modal techniques in which I, on one hand use principles of composition of the
old Slavic church music, and on the other hand use Bulgarian folk music, especially folk songs. In my new compositions I also refer to Indian music
traditions in content, formally, and harmonically. In my compositions I put great value on the arrangement of the contents. Out of this arrangement
all formal and technical components are developed during its creation.
For me it is important to have the inter-communicative dialogue with the audience, at which the performance runs comprehensibly analogous to the creative process.

Works without numerous choir songs and cycles

Sonata for clarinet and piano, 1971/1972, 12’, FR (first release) 3. 1972, RM Broadcast Sofia

Four pieces of music for base clarinet and piano, 1971, 9’ FR 5. 1972

Five symphonic pictures for orchestra, 1974, 19’

Six pieces for cello and piano, 1974, 13’, FR 1986, LP “Wladimir Pantchev” (Cycle of six pieces for violoncello and piano), Balkanton BCA 1300/468 (The Bulgarian Composers Records Collection)

Fire and Light, cantata for mezzosoprano and piano after poems from André de Bouché, 1974, text in bulgarian language, 8’, FR 2. 1975

Moods for solo flute, 1975, 5’, FR 1979

Partita for 2 violins, 1977, 23’, music publisher Sofia, FR 11. 1978, RN Broadcast Sofia

Toccatina and duelling pianos, 1978, 8’, FR 2. 1988

The “Wirrwarr” (the mess). Opera after a play with the same title by Jórdan Raditschkov, 1979, 120’

Suite for brass quintet, 1980, 10’, FR 5. 1984, RM Broadcast Sofia

Poème for cello and chamber orchestra, 1979, 17’, FR 5. 1980

Concert for flute and orchestra, 1981, 24’, FR 11. 1981, LP “Wladimir Pantchev” Balkanton BCA 1300/463 (The Bulgarian Composers Records Collection)

Impulse I & II for clarinet, piano and percussion (I) respectively for three quartetts (II), 1981, 27’, FR 10. 1981, LP “Wladimir Pantchev”, Balkanton BCA 1300/463 (The Bulgarian Composers Collection)

In memoriam for big orchestra, 1982, 28’, FR 12. 1982, RM Broadcast Sofia

Ten pieces of concert for orchestra, 1982, 20’, FR 4. 1983

The flowers of little Ida. Children’s ballet after Hans Christian Andersen, 1982, 40’, FR 3. 1984

Moon songs. A little cantata for soprano, flute, viola, harp and piano (after japanese and Korean poems), 1982, 7’, FR 2. 1982, LP “Wladimir Pantchev”, Balkanton BCA 1300/463 (The Bulgarian Composers
Records Collection); 2 versions: in bulgarian respectively in original languages

Mud (Schlamm). Opera after a novel with the same title by Elin Pelin, 1983, 60’

Eight romances for tenor and piano after bulgarian poems, 1985, 18', UA 2. 1987

Dom’s Mezaninom (house with veranda). Opera after a novel with the same title by Anton P. Tschechow, 1986, lyrics in Russian language, 55’

Concert for bassoon and orchestra, 1988, 22’, FR 2. 1989, RM broadcast Sofia

Two songs for soprano and piano (after french poems), 1971-1990, lyrics André Bréton, in bulgarian language, 5’, FR 2. 1990

Concert for clarinet and orchestra, 1989/90, 25’, FR 2. 1990

Singings for mezzo soprano and instrumentation (recorder, clarinet, piano and two drums), original after folktales from Bulgaria, 1990, 15’ FR 2.1.1991 Sofia; 2. Edition 30.3.1992 Vienna RM ORF Vienna

Moments. Cantata for soprano and ten instrumental soloists after poems by Christo Smirnenski, 1990, lyrics in Bulgarian language, 17’, FR 2.1.1991

Duelling string orchestra and percussion, 1991, 8’

Trio for flute, violin and cello, 1992, 10’ 10 FR 17.7.1994 Petersberg by Halle/Saale

The Creation of the new Adam (Dánov-songs). Cantata for two female voices and 19 instrumental soloists after lyrics of the bible, 1993/94, 30’, FR 24.3.1996 Vienna, RM ORF Vienna; two editions, in Bulgarian and
respectively in german language

Plays for 4 clarinets and one clarinetist, 1994, 15’, FR 3.2.1995 Vienna, second edition 4.7.1996 Lilienfeld

String sextet for two violins, two violas and two violoncellos 1995/1996, 18’, FR 24.3.2001 Vienna

Project – Vienna waltz for three quintets and one percussionist (16 players), 1996, 15’, FR 28.3.1998 Viennese Concerthouse

To the sea gull. Little poème for soprano and viola d’amore, 1996, lyrics Shuzhun Sun, in german language, 4’, FR 24.7.1996 Michaelstein/Germany

Homage to Denisov for violin, clarinet, saxophone and piano 1996/1997, 16’ FR 9.1997

Piano quintet, 1997, about 16’, FR 11.1997 Wels ORF Upper Austria, 19.11.1997 Schubert house Vienna

Quartets, 1998, 1999, 2000 a cycle of 16 quartets for different variable instrumentation, total 90’

Little Etudes for oboe and clarinet, 2000, 10’, FR Lilienfeld 6. July 2000

Concert piece for contrabass and ensemble (8 players) 2001/2002, FR 23.5.2002, Vienna

Krishna Plays for flute and ensemble (11 players) 2002, 10’ FR 12.02.03, Vienna

Concert for trumpet and ensemble (19 players), 2002/2003, 25’, Vienna

"Lalita Songs" for solotrombone and ensemble (6 players) 2003/2004, 13', FR Klosterneuburg, Schömerhaus, 20.03.2004

"Notturno" for Trio, 2004, 10' (Klav, Kl., Harfe)

"Movements" for 6 players, 2005, 13', (Fl., Klav., Pos., Kl., Vno., Vc.)

"Köleda" for Ensemble, 2005, 13', (2 Soprans, Ob., Harfe, Kl., Akk., Vno., Kla., Vc.)

"Mozart-Unvollendete" for 3 Klarinetten (2 of it bass clarinets),
2006, 15'

Ausschnitt aus "Krishna-Spiele" für Soloflöte + Ensemble